Automatic Subscription Cancelation

If you purchase a service or subscription, then by clicking on the “Subscribe” or “Buy”, or similar termed button and completing your purchase, you expressly request and authorize Čeli APS to automatically renew your service or subscription for successive renewal terms each equal in length to the initial term purchased by you, at the purchase price for your initial term (plus any/all applicable taxes and other fees and charges), unless Čeli APS notifies you of a price change, using the payment information you provided for your initial purchase, until you cancel it.


Instruction How to do this:

  1. Login to Your JoinerCAD account.

  2. Choose Section – Subscriptions.

  3. Choose certain valid subscription and go to Column – Automated Billing.

  4. Mark – NO.

  5. Confirm Your choice by clicking – Cancel automated billing.

For services or subscriptions of particular length initial terms (e.g., annual length terms), Čeli APS will send you at least one email to remind you of each upcoming renewal of that service or subscription. Further, in the case of all/any services or subscriptions Čeli APS will post a confirmation to your JoinerCAD Account each time your service or subscription is automatically renewed.

Čeli APS may change the renewal price of your service or subscription as of the next renewal date and we will provide you with prior notice if we do so. Prior to the effective date of your renewal (which will be indicated in the notice provided to you), you can elect to cancel an automatic renewal for a particular service or subscription at any time and for any reason (including if you do not agree to a price change) by logging on to your JoinerCAD Account.